Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Born Nov. 1946. Lived in Toledo, Ohio till age 40. Moved to a modest home on 1 1/3 acres just outside the small town of Temperance, Michigan. To be more free than city life and do small engine repair on my property. Ran into many problems with township, court, fines etc. Went back to work at a Marina in 1999 till big layoff in 2009. Used up unemployment and retire on SS in 2011. Back to doing limited small engine stuff to help pay winter heat. Wife has a part time job that helps.

Had 4 kids, Second youngest still at home and does not drive due to childhood diabetes. She works at Meijers. Trying to get her straitened out and a drivers license. No grandchildren yet. A couple pet cats.

I believe in reincarnation and grew up in various Christian churches. Quit going 4 years ago because of their views on the subject. Do a lot of research on line. That is my preacher. Learned more online in a few months than years at churches.

I like to do mechanical projects. Some electrical and home repairs. Like to do math and Sudoku puzzles. Listen to talk radio. Beck, Rush, Hannity, coast to coast etc.

Do not have any political affiliations. They are all crooks. Dems worse than Reps. If I had a choice would try independents. Or better yet: No parties, as our founders warned about parties. Elect the best person.

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